School Community - P&C

Edney Primary School Parents and Citizens Association

Our school has a very active P&C who fundraise and support the students. Our P&C operate the Canteen, our School Banking service for students as well as purchasing goods and improvements across the school including providing shade for our playgrounds, improved airconditioning, technology and many other extras that add to the resources available for students.

Our P&C contributes more than $25 000 annually to improvements for our school community, including

  • Doubling every classroom resource budget at a cost of $3 200 - this means more resources for students
  • Providing support for our specialist programs in Music, Physical Education and Italian Language at a cost of $600
  • Providing an Excursion subsidy fund to make all excursions more affordable for students and families
  • Contributing $13 000 to refrigerate our outdoor drinking fountains
  • $30 000 contributed to establish 3 Nature Playgrounds, making Natureplay available to every child from Kindergarten to Year Six
  • Subsidising the cost of In Term Swimming Lessons for all students, at a cost of approximately $3 500

We invite and welcome all parents and citizens of our community to join us and be a part of adding value to our school and, most importantly, the education of our children. The P&C meet in Week 2 and Week 8 of each school term on a Tuesday evening at 7pm in the School Library.

Minutes of P&C Meetings

Minutes of P&C Meeting 12th September 2017
Minutes of P&C Executive Committee Meeting 8th September 2017
Minutes of P&C Meeting 1st August 2017
Minutes of P&C Meeting 20th June 2017
Minutes of P&C Meeting 9th May 2017
Minutes of P&C Meeting 28th March 2017
Minutes of P&C Meeting 14th February 2017
Minutes of P&C AGM 14th February 2017