Programs & Facilities - Library

Welcome to the Edney Primary School Library! It is a vibrant, buzzing and welcoming environment used by students and teachers on a variety of levels

Our school library is packed full of interesting and exciting books for all ages to inspire, spark the imagination and ignite a love of reading and learning.  We regularly update titles and series so that your children have access to the best possible range of literature.

Each classroom has an allocated borrowing day.  Books can be borrowed for a week and must be carried in a library bag.  The children are welcome to return and borrow books any other time that I am in the library. 

I am present in the Library on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8am – 4pm. 

Parents are always welcome in the library – you can look at new books, read to your child or help them with their book selection or to volunteer.  Volunteers may be asked to help with many different tasks such as shelving books, covering new books, and helping with displays.

The displays within the library aim to reflect current events and themes occurring throughout the school and are updated regularly.

Book reviews and suggestions are always welcome.

Scholastic Book Club and Book Fair

The Scholastic Book club is currently run by the P&C association.   Bookclub orders are made available several times throughout the year.  Every purchase you make through the Scholastic Bookclub program directly benefits the school.  20% from every order is donated back to the school allowing us to purchase fantastic new resources.

Online orders can be made at


We hold Book Fairs every 2 years in conjunction with the School open night.  They are always wildly successful events.