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School Board Awards

The Edney Primary School Board Awards program recognises the outstanding achievement, support and contribution of staff, community members and groups to Edney Primary School.

The vision of the Board is to support excellence, and we seek to encourage and recognise excellence in our school through the Board Awards.

As with all things at Edney Primary School, we are about making the difference for students, the Edney Way – with Respect and Excellence.

Nominate a worthy staff member, parent or community member today!

Edney Primary School Board Fillable Form

School Board Awards Nomination Form



Nominations are open all year round, with awards made at the end of each semester.  All staff members, parents and community members are eligible for nomination, and nominations can be made by any member of the school community, including students!

The Board Awards recognise excellence in achieving the goals of our school plan, Beyond 2024.- 2027. Full details of the Board Awards are contained in the information brochure. Nominations are welcome at any time on the nomination form. These documents can be downloaded by clicking on the pictures below.

Completed nomination forms, or any enquiries are most welcome at Edney.PS.SchoolBoard@education.wa.edu.au