We are EDNEY An Independent Public School


Specialist Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education Program at Edney Primary School develops student’s skills to the highest level, through expert teaching and support in partnership with Darling Range Sports College.

It is unique that a primary school has its own health and sports department. We at Edney are very fortunate to have our own classroom dedicated to Health and P.E. allowing for focus health displays, interactive whiteboard learning and indoor P.E. equipment for wet weather.

At Edney we teach and reinforce the concepts of a healthy lifestyle, personal safety and protective behaviours consistently throughout all the curriculum and health and wellbeing reinforced.

School focus: promoting resilience through respect and excellence


Running Club is on every Wednesday morning 7:50am to 8:25am.

This is not only a fitness opportunity but a community based project offered to all of the Edney Family.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 sign in on arrival to the oval and collect a straw for each lap that they run. At the end of the session the students tally up their straws and write the amount next to their name. The points are then counted by the faction captains and added to token points and announced at Monday afternoons Faction assembly.


Edney Primary School is the champion school in Football within the Darling Range Learning Community two years running.

Edney PS came runner up in the district interschool Athletics Carnival.

Edney PS won the Interschool Athletics handicap trophy.