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Specialist Program

The Arts – Music

We are very proud to offer Specialist Music education at Edney Primary School.

Students are being encouraged to participate in all areas of music from performance to writing music to learning to read music.

Students are involved in making, listening and responding to music and performance and are developing skills to read, write, play and make music.

Students are also learning performance skills, both on the stage, and in being a respectful, responsive and engaged audience member.

In Music classes we have focused on the Composer of the Month, from classical to modern, as well as music of many genres, cultures and styles.

Students learn an experience a variety of instruments including body percussion, percussion instruments, glockenspiel, xylophones, drums, recorders, boomwhackers and ukulele. We have IMMS lessons on Classical Guitar, Brass and Woodwind/Clarinet.


Currently, due to COVID the School Choir has been unable to go ahead.  However, once restrictions ease the Edney Primary School Choir will once again include enthusiastic students from Years 3-6 who will rehearse before school, every Thursday at 8am.

Students are encouraged to take part and learn the lyrics in their own time so that when we come together as a group we can focus on the harmonies, perfecting melody and the dynamics of the piece.