We are EDNEY An Independent Public School

Our School

School Plan

Edney 2020 is our bold vision for the future – a small plan of big ideas to secure further improvements for our students, school and community. Developed in consultation with staff, students, parents, community and our School Board, Edney 2020 guides the direction of our school for the next four years. Evaluation of our progress is reported annually, as well as a formal review conducted by the Department of Education Services as part of Edney’s Delivery and Performance Agreement under the Independent Public Schools initiative.


Delivering Edney 2020

Edney 2020 is supported by a range of governance, curriculum and operational plans which ensure that the appropriate strategies, support and resources are in place, along with effective review, reflection and reporting on our progress and achievement to the community as part of a cycle of ongoing improvement. Our planning documents, coupled with the actions of an effective staff, good governance and the support of our community will ensure the achievement of the targets in our Edney 2020 Plan. These plans can be viewed by clicking on the cover pictures below.