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We are EDNEY An Independent Public School

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School Plan

Edney 2020 was our bold vision for the future – it was a small plan of big ideas that sough to secure further improvements for our students, school and community. Developed in consultation with staff, students, parents, community and our School Board, Edney 2020 was used to guide the direction of our school throughout the ensuing years. Evaluation of our progress was reported annually, as well as a formal review conducted by the Department of Education Services as part of Edney’s Delivery and Performance Agreement under the Independent Public Schools initiative.

Now we are taking Edney into the BEYOND.

Beyond builds on what we have achieved in Edney 2020 and is our plan for the future. It lays out our school’s broad targets and milestones to achieve improvement in student outcomes over the coming years. This plan has been developed by and in consultation with the Edney Primary School Community comprising staff, students, parents and the School Board. It is our road map and key guiding document for all school operations, and the measure against which all activity in our school will be judged and assessed.