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At Edney Primary School we believe that homework for primary school children should be minimal, in order that a balance of play, rest and exercise can be achieved.

Preparation of students for the time commitment of homework anticipated in years to come, is not in itself, a reasonable basis for setting homework.

Policy Statements

Staff at Edney Primary School believe strong positive partnerships between home and school can have a powerful impact on the mindset of students. It is therefore important to maintain a positive connection and manage expectations of homework.

Staff at Edney Primary School endorse the following 3 core ideals for our students:

1.Daily Home Reading

Daily reading is strongly encouraged for all year levels, starting with 10 minutes in Kindergarten and progressing to a minimum of 20 minutes in Year Six. Home reading may involve children reading to parents, parents reading to and with children and children reading independently. The online Literacy Pro Library is available for Years 3-6.

2. Outside Play (Reduce screen time)

Excessive amounts of screen time can have an impact on children’s language development and social skills. Children need real-life interactions to develop these skills. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, confidence, and physical, social and cognitive skills.

3. Get a good night’s sleep

The benefits of a good night’s sleep include improved attention, behaviour, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health.

Homework Additions

At times, students may also complete additional homework tasks such as:    

Years P-2

  • Voluntary searches for information to support classroom themes

Years 3-6

  • Preparing for presentations
  • Completion or refining of tasks to support class work
  • Reviewing work completed in class before assessments
  • Voluntary searches for information to support classroom themes
  • Music practice for those involved in the school’s instrumental music program.

 Where students are asked to complete tasks at home, parents will be notified and tasks must complement and reinforce classroom learning, and be appropriate to the needs of the students. There is no consequence for students unable to complete homework.

 Alternatives to Homework Which Support Student Learning in all Year Levels:

  • Cooking – a great life skill for children to learn and helps with their maths and reading
  • Board games, card games, dice games
  • Outdoor games and activities
  • Watching TV together and talking about the issues
  • Crosswords, puzzles and jigsaws

Students with Particular Learning Needs

Some students have particular learning needs. On occasions, parents and teachers may work together to negotiate specific activities designed to reinforce or develop a concept.

Extra-curricular Activities

Students who miss work due to extra-curricular commitments such as PEAC, IMSS or sporting activities may be asked to complete work they missed. These requirements will be negotiated between the teacher, student and parent.


Teachers are not required to set homework during holiday periods or when students are unwell or taken on in-school term vacations.