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Offers of placement in Edney Primary School Kindergarten for 2021 were posted on Thursday 6th August 2020. Our Kindergarten classes for 2021 are all filled to capacity, and the school is unable to accept any further enrolments at this time. We are more than happy to refer you to other public schools within our network who may be able to offer a place.

Transition for students accepted for 2021

A transition program consisting of parent information session and on-site orientation with children and parents will be held in November of 2020.


Kindergarten commences on Monday 1st February 2021 for our Monday / Wednesday Group(s), and on Tuesday 2nd February 2021 for our Tuesday/Thursday group(s).

In determining “weeks” and in using the terms ‘odd’ and ‘even’ in describing Friday attendance, we follow the structure of school terms, not weeks of the year. The school publishes a comprehensive calendar for the year ahead which will clearly show all Kindergarten days to assist with planning for day-care / work arrangements.


While we are currently unable to conduct school tours, we hope to be able to offer this in the future. Until then, read all about Edney through our website, and if you have any questions, please give a call on 9454 8377 or email edney.ps@education.wa.edu.au

Our Local Intake Area

A map as well as a text description of the local intake area of Edney Primary School are available. Please note that the local intake area provides guaranteed access and placement at Edney Primary School for students in compulsory years of schooling (Pre-primary – Year 6). For Kindergarten, our local intake area is used as a means of prioritising placements, in accordance with the School Education Regulations 2000.




Edney Primary School has three Kindergarten Groups, with attendance days and times as follows:

Red Group Gold Group
8.40am to 3.00pm
Tuesday and Thursday
8.40am to 3.00pm Alternate Fridays (‘Even’ Weeks)
8.40am to 3.00pm
Tuesday and Thursday
8.40am to 3.00pm Alternate Fridays (‘Odd’ Weeks)
Blue Group
8.40am to 2.35pm Monday
8.40am to 3.00pm Wednesday
8.40am to 3.00pm Alternate Fridays (‘Even’ Weeks)

The Friday attendance days follow the school term week pattern.  We are currently full to capacity in all of our Kindergarten Groups for 2020 and cannot accept any further enrolments. We are happy to add you to our waiting list or advise of nearby schools which may have vacancies.

Kindergarten provides an appropriate developmental program which will attend to the individual emotional, intellectual and physical needs of the children. Each child is recognised as a unique individual. Through this, all children are encouraged to develop their own feelings, thoughts, opinions and ideas and to express themselves comfortably and freely.

The Kindergarten program is based on play activities through a planned environment determined by the needs of the children. Children have the opportunity to learn through discovery in as many ways as possible. All children have a right to grow and develop with a positive self-image. Children are encouraged to settle any differences verbally, and are guided into positive social interaction with peers and adults, whilst respecting everyone’s feelings and rights. Children are entitled to good physical care and intellectual stimulation, in a safe, clean, happy environment with careful supervision. Each child will progress at their own pace. A child may need encouragement to participate in some areas in order to promote development. Children are encouraged to have pride in who and what they are, and in what they achieve.