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Student Health Care

School Chaplain

Edney is fortunate to have a School Chaplain for three days every week funded through the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program. Her name is Jessica Bridcutt and she is here to support the whole school community. Jessica only recently moved to Perth from Sydney, where she was studying Psychology at Macquarie University. She has worked with young people in various volunteer and paid roles throughout her time there. Since coming to Perth, Jessica has been enjoying exploring our beautiful state – in particular going on some of our gorgeous bushwalks. She has found the people of Perth to be very friendly and is excited to be calling Perth home.

Jessica is passionate about the care and wellbeing of young people, and is dedicated to doing what she can to support and help those in our school community who need a helping hand. She is committed to helping our students through various social and emotional problems, by providing them with skills which enable them to have a great school experience. Jessica’s focus is on improving outcomes for all students, through giving them a safe place to seek adult support, and by empowering them with protective skills and behaviours so that they may thrive throughout their lives.

Jessica is at Edney on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week and is excited to be a part of our Edney school community.