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Student Health Care

School Chaplain

Edney is fortunate to have a School Chaplain for four days every week funded through the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program. His name is Joe Carter and he is here for the whole school community.

Joe has worked in accounting and business for 20 years, across 3 different continents. One interesting place he worked was at Buckingham Palace in London; Letting the queen know how much money her palaces were making in tourist fees! Married with 2 children, the birth of his children motivated Joe to study child development psychology and he went on to finish a postgraduate degree in education.

Sadly, Joe injured his back at work, so he sold his business and decided to follow his interest in education by qualifying as a school chaplain so that he can help people. Joe coaches judo at Edney on Wednesdays and he also coaches soccer at Forrestfield.

Joe’s focus is on our students, particularly to support students in maintaining friendship groups, assisting students dealing with anxious moments and any unexpected family events as well as events in the community that may require a helping hand. Pastoral care and support is given through the School Friendship Club, mentoring of students, coaching on matters to do with building resilience, helping to connect children/families to community activities, attending to student well being, offering a guiding hand when needed and working with community organisations to access available support in a variety of situations.

Joe attends our school on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week and is always willing to see parents for discussion.