Our Students - Student Health Care


Edney Primary School is visited by a district based School Nurse, who is a registered nurse. The aim of the school health professionals is to help children achieve good health so they can get maximum benefit from their education and enjoy a full life. Health appraisals are offered in Kindergarten and where necessary in other years. Screening procedures for detecting vision and hearing impairments and other medical based conditions are conducted when requested by teachers and parents. Where concerns are identified or suspected, the child’s parents are informed and referrals for more extensive assessment are made. The School Nurse is available for parent discussion if requested.


A school psychologist visits the school on a weekly basis. Children may be referred to the school psychologist where there is concern about academic, behavioural, social or emotional problems affecting the child’s progress at school. The school psychologist is a qualified specialist able to make recommendations on courses of action to be taken or offer advice on further referral, should this be necessary.


The following diseases require exclusion from school:

Chicken pox, head lice, influenza, measles, mumps, ringworm, rubella, school sores, trachoma. Check with the Principal for the length of exclusion in each case. If in doubt consult your doctor. Parents will be asked to collect their children if they are suspected of having an infectious disease, and for a measles outbreak if the school has no evidence of immunisation. Always notify the school immediately a diagnosis is confirmed by a doctor.