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Health and Physical Education


Mr Batt has been busy creating activities to maintain physical fitness and skill development for our Edney @ Home program.

Below are a list of great ideas to work activity, health and fitness opportunities in across the curriculum.

This is followed by specific skills challenges, which can be completed using simple materials. Video links give examples of the skills focus for each activity.


    1. Cosmic Yoga – an online free yoga program for children. cosmickids.com
    2. Youtube kids yoga videos.
    3. Just Dance clips online.
    4. Go Noodle online program. Free movement and mindfulness videos. gonoodle.com
    5. This website has a range of at home PE activities for students to do https://openphysed.org/activeschools/activehome
    6. Practice skipping, hopping, galloping and side stepping.
    7. Practice throwing and catching. Use various sized balls. Can practice alone or with a parent or sibling. If by themselves they can throw the ball in the air and catch, adding in claps or tricks between the throw and catch to make harder. If with a partner they can practice chest passing, bounce passing and shoulder passing. If you don’t have any balls at home other items can be used such as a teddy bear.
    8. If have a basketball at home practice dribbling skills.
    9. If have a soccer ball at home practice dribbling skills.
    10. If have a football at home practice handballing and kicking (if enough space).
    11. If have a cricket set at home practice batting and bowling.
    12. If have a skipping rope at home practice skipping.
    13. Older students can discuss or write about being offensive and defensive in sport. Can also watch clips of sporting games online and take notes of what the players do offensively and defensively.
    14. Students can watch clips of running, jumping and throwing and also search the steps that break down each skill, learning how to improve on their own technique.
    15. Watch old Olympic events online. Usain Bolt is always a favourite.
    16. Watch movies to do with sport. Cool Runnings is a great movie that show overcoming adversity, working as a team and sticking it out when things get tough. It is loosely based on real life events surrounding the formation of the Jamaican bobsled team for the Olympics. Some other movies include: The Mighty Ducks, The Karate Kid, The Sandlot Kids, Kicking and Screaming, Air Bud, Remember the Titans, Space Jam, Angels in the Outfield.


Frisbee Flick Actionhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1CXOVLefuP5-ysuCDahuxKc1SXUY1uf-x

You can use the hula hoop you have as a target to try and get it into, or simply practice throwing to mum or dad, your brother or your sister or even see if your dog would be up for a bit of catch.


Practice your skipping at home going through the four-point plan of:

– Fingers curled around, thumbs pointing down

– Step over the rope so it’s behind your ankles

– Rest the rope on your shoulders

– Throw the rope over your head, watch the rope and ONLY when it gets to your feet do you jump

– Repeat point 4 continuously for more skips

Standing Jumphttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1w-JUqSJ8D3KJ9iitKqebK5EoaQpdIAhf

Using the dots that you have, set up a zig zag grid and practice your standing jump ensuring you have your knees bent, pushing off from your ankles and landing on two feet

Underarm Throwhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1qTbZ8UWw3jU_bdmFBH_uVioSxRjMMJPy

The Underarm Throw can be practiced many different ways. You can use either a tennis ball or bean bag as well.

Practice throwing to a target first, making sure you have the correct hand holding the object and are stepping forward with your opposite foot.

If you’re practicing with a partner, use the challenge of stepping back every time you make a catch.

Ball Control (Balance)https://drive.google.com/open?id=17UvT1Dt83ajWVSMmOldl8SAVB5him5Mg

Students can follow a course, any course set up either with cones or dots or whatever else you have set around the house or backyard.

The aim to try and maintain concentration and control of the tennis ball on the tennis paddle for as long as you possibly can without it hitting the floor.

Ball Control (Tapping)https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CMo-nN80qm72mPNb6B-CWYedEQkAV0MA

Try seeing how many taps you can get in a row before the ball hits the floor. In addition to this, try ‘popcorn’, which is flipping the tennis paddle upside down and back whilst still maintaining control of the tennis ball. Lastly, as an extension, see how many you can balance on the side of the tennis paddle.

Hand Eye Coordinationhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=177Qie7whzuEmed2aTvpF49-9gs3BhWlc

Using the cone and placing a tennis ball or beanbag inside of it, throw the ball up in the air, through the cone and see if you can catch it still with two hands on the cone.

Complete the same process but with one hand and the then trying throwing the ball up in the air in one hand and then trying to catch it with the cone.

The super challenge is to throw the ball up in the air, flip the cone in the air and catch it and before the tennis ball hits the floor, catch the ball inside the cone you just flipped and caught.


Here are some simple activities you can play outside (some of these activities will require extra equipment):

The Bucket Challengehttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1A1n7N7k4RD5YPZmVfHKdrzEH0XX_NKi6

Using any form of container that you have at home, make sure there is weight in it at the bottom.

As individuals, you can set yourself a time limit of how many underarm throws you can get into the bucket in a minute, from a set distance.

Likewise, using three items, see how long it takes for you to get those three items in and try to beat those times.

Another variation is pushing the bucket further away to make your throw more difficult. You should start with 2 metres, then go to 3, 4 or 5. The further it is also, the more inclined you may be use an overarm throw.

You can allow the bounce where you’re only allowed to get the ball in by bouncing it.

If you have two buckets, challenge your brother or sister, or your mum or your dad to see who can get in their items the quickest. Completing the challenge this way is the example used from the Google Drive.

Frisbee Golfhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1qi3TMiMKaQud0Ty0aTSwfeT5ztBXu1fJ

You can use hoops or a variety of open circular objects. This can be done anywhere in the house or outside. Have a starting mark for each hole.

If you only have one hoop, complete one hole a day or even one in the morning, one at lunch and one in the evening and then spread it out over a period of time.

Ask mum or dad to put the hoop in tricky and different positions around the house. You can either use a Frisbee or a beanbag works just as good.

I will attach a simple score card for you to print off as well.

Get your scorecard Frisbee Golf Scorecard Web


You need one cone for this activity. Have two people stand opposite one another in the middle of the cone.

Call out varied body parts (elbow, head, eyes, hands up in the air). Both participants should be following along with you and when you call MUSHROOM it’s the first person to grab the cone.

Whoever collects the cone first gets a point. The cone goes back down on the surface and the parent continues to call out different body parts. Every time you get the cone you get a point

Paper Scissors Rock Runhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1qN1hKoMX8shFRKDlbmDyH7VGetQfuMQg

This is the simplest game that doesn’t need any equipment. Mark off a boundary or area that has four points to it.

Players begin around the area on each corner. Once the game has started, battle someone in a paper, scissors, rock battle. If you win, you get one point and get to advance to the next corner.

Continue this process until the person who started the game tells you to stop. Continue to track all the points that you got.