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Dear Edney Community,

This is a note from us to you to say you are doing a brilliant job.

Yes, even if you feel like you have no idea what you are doing.

Even if the house isn’t clean.

Even if the kids are arguing and don’t want to do any work…

you are doing a brilliant job.

In the words of Queen Elsa, we are stepping “into the unknown”. And whilst Queen Elsa had a choice in the end… by the end of the song she wanted to go out into the unknown; we in the whole entire world had no choice in it.

We have jumped straight in… into the unknown.

And here lies… The Learning Pit.

The Learning Pit was created by James Nottingham (2007) and it “supports a culture of challenge, curiosity, reflection and resilience”.

James Anderson (author of Succeeding with Habits of Mind and The Mindset Continuum) describes The Learning Pit as taking on a challenge; it feels like getting into a pit. We may feel uncertain and it takes effort to climb out. When we do climb out, it means we’ve learnt something new.

Parents keeping their children home from school and supporting them with work to complete is most definitely taking on a challenge.

People dealing with a highly contagious virus that is spreading very quickly around the world, making some people very sick is most definitely a challenge.

Truth be told; in this case, we may not actually climb out of this Learning Pit having learned something new. We might be lucky enough that one day soon we find ourselves just jumping straight out of it and back into normal reality!

Or we may indeed spend some time in here navigating these strange times and learning new routines and habits to get us where we need to go in this new world.

Edney @ Home Learning Pit
Common feelings when you’re in The Learning Pit:

  • Confusion
  • Frustration
  • Pain

The good news is…

You can’t get this  wrong!

Child and adult wellbeing and mental health are absolutely the top priority.

One way to support positive mental health is structure and routine.

Children are uncertain in these times, as are we, and if Edney @ Home campuses can provide some structure and routine, this may support children to feel less anxious. The documents on our website can help with this, along with tips, videos and images in our Edney @ Home Facebook group.

If your children (and you) need to just hang out at home and pretend it’s early stay-at-home school holidays, you have our absolute permission to do this.

Reach out. Talk. Talk to us and to each other.
We’re here for you.
We are Edney.